helping organizations become outstanding
we develop and implement strategies, operations and learning programs
What we do
Give advice. Make things done.
We're not a consulting company.
Don't tell you how to make it.
We make it.

We're group of strategists, executives and A-players.
Passionate about makes companies great.
Additional services

Strong Sides Learning center
How to create educational projects
Complex toolbox for create educational projects – from idea to the first groups

12 modules in 4 days

How to plan, build a team, develop programs, find speakers, create packaging, promote, sell, organize and receive result from your school, master-class, course, seminar

only 10 participants in group
individual practices
1 month
School of operational management
Our 15 years expertise in business development in course for operational directors, PM's and executives.

Business process master plan, operations road map, organisational design, system driven management, finance, sales, hr and marketing operations. With all docs, sheets, examples and cases.

individual practices
1 month

The power of Strong sides
In 2014 we founded this company inspired by concept of strengths focusing management by Marcus Buckingham, Donald Clifton and Gallup Institute researches.

It says that we should focusing on our unique strengths for compensate each other weaknesses and not trying to be everything for everyone.
We realise that our expertise and experience perfectly oriented to help companies solve their business problems.

We're called ''Strong sides group'' because "Strengths group" makes no sense:-)

learn more about who we are and how we work
First two meeting are free
Receive a free concept description after one-two first meetings before you make a decision to work with us
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Complex solutions
    • Value propositions and strategics development
    • Help owners move out from operational routine
    • Learning centers development
    • In-companies learnings programs developmen
    Additional services
    • Strategical sessions moderation
    • Expenses reduction
    • Business processes notation
    Learning center
    • How to create educational projects
    • The School of operational management