Help owners move out from operational routine
in 6-12 months
strong sides operations
Teach you . Makes your business work and grow without your everyday involvement
Operational systems development process
Audit & all team review
Road map development
Implementation begining
Common problems in companies we uncover
and helping to overcome
Weak leader
Actually, it can be the only answer for all questions. Leader responsible for a team, result and vision. Leader should be equipped, trained and mature. Leaders needs support even more than their teams. Leaders need another leaders for support, learn and grow. Weak leaders ALWAYS provoke the coup.
Weak team
Very often ministries gather team not by professional skills and character but by spiritual quality only. Good guy is not a profession.
Wrong understanding of leadership, accountability and substitution
Often mistake thinking that leadership means
Not measuring the results
All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experiences.
Wrong understanding of grace and order
We like to make people happy. We ask our clients about their birthday and prepare cool presents.
Fear of everything that sounds like 'business language'
We take care about our clients time. Just call us — and we will help you with all the questions.
When inside organisation people start focusing on self-ambitious, control issue, become resource-oriented – it's ugly power-plays. Unhealthy situation requires urgency reaction.
Democracy is good for countries. And it's death for organisations. In the Bible and trough the history we learned If the leader share the power and responsibilities with unequipped people – it will leads to fall. Leaders must set the vision and manage the team.Invite everyone to manage – receive the chaos.
Old methods
Twenty years ago your mission was funded. Since that day hand-made classes, Bible-studies and other cool activities has changed.

Jesus used very modern learning methods: case-studies (proverbs), best practices (healings), blended-learning seminars, debates (with faricy), interactive demonstrations (turn water into the wine)... Let's try something that fits for modern auditory.
People stay because of safety
When people work somewhere for many years, with well-knowing team, repeated tasks and no result-oriented management it's call a comfort-zone. If donation comes annually and you don't need to think about money people can stay in mission lying themself about true reasons why they are here. Because it's safety place and they can handle it. Wrong motivation It's an ugly side of stability and safety.
Burnout happens when people works out of their strength, in to stressful conditions without seeing short and long-term results. It is leads to work without passion, self-focusing and no commitments. When you last time check your team and yourself?
You trying to solve unexisting problems
You spent last five years to promote Bible club trough students in your area and received only two regs? It is because students don't have needs in learning Bible. They looking for answers about sex, money, relationships, self-actualisation, family, school, work, future... Your ministry is really focusing on actual people problems?
Fear of changes
If you are in ministry for many years, changes may be your biggest fear. Stability, whatever it takes, is priority. We all in one boat and this boat is good. Everything works okay for so many years, maybe we need to plan some improvements, but not so quick... Sounds familiar?
companies working without owners every day involving
1 538
instructions and systems described
projects in progress
How we build systems and move out owner from operations
Stage 1. Diagnostic
1-2 month
Team interview (series of personal interviews)
  • Background, experience, equipment according to responsibilities
  • conformity people to their responsibilities
  • Strength and weaknesses of every team member
  • Burnout and toxicity levels
  • Theology and vision of the ministry
  • Understanding goals, plans and tasks on executives level
Leaders interview
  • Theology and vision of the ministry
  • Background, experience, equipment according to responsibilities
  • Leadership skills and understanding leadership review
  • Strength and weaknesses
  • Burnout and toxicity levels
  • Understanding goals, plans and tasks on strategical level
Mission and strategy sessions
  • Past (what was your plan, vision and path to presence)
  • Presence (where are you now and what you achieve)
Projects overview
  • Goals and tasks by the projects
  • Results by the projects
  • Efficiency metrics
Finance audit
  • Budget review
  • Overhead expenses review
  • Projects expenses review
  • Budget optimization recommendation report
  • ROD (result on donation) calculation
Process and org structure audit
We take care about our clients time and can help you every day. Just call us — and we will help you with all the questions.
Stage 2. System development
Stage 3. Implementation