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We develop and implement strategies and
value propositions
We creating a clear finance, sales, marketing and operation strategies to 2x growth in next 6 months.
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1-3 year company development road-map covered all departments and lead to growth and order in your business
Strategy development process
Goals settings
Develop Hypotheses
Implementation begining
1-3 years strategical
master plan
General growth strategy road-map covered all departments and lead to growth and order in your business
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Investment concept, business plan and monetization points
Creating detailed conception for new business ideas ,startups business plans and monetization points. Everything you need for start new project.
We offer develop a full business plan, detailed concept and the most important part – points of mp.

Innovative propostion from experienced enterpreneurs. Trough R&D process we create a value-proposition road map with calculation points of monetize for your project. We can find, or even invent, options where you project can make money on.

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Marketing strategy
Complex offline and digital marketing strategy for your business
Includes audit of your business, market, niche, competitors, customers, sales, service and opportunities. Value propositions development, 6P, positioning, differential strategy, customer portraits, customer decision journey, complex digital-marketing strategy with content plans, event marketing strategy and visual communication concepts. All inclusive.
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Sales strategy
With your sales team we go through all in-company sales expertise for develop kickass sales strategy
As usual we start from learn your sales team cases and methods. Base on research we develop a custom train program for experinced and new sales. We describe every case, develop a scripts, check-lists, sales funnels and customer decision journey. We integrate CRM. And then we create custom learning program based on your products and market specific.
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